Wreckage of crashed Airbus A330 returns to France

More than 100 bodies and containers carrying wreckage taken to France

Trucks have arrived in Toulouse, France, carrying containers loaded with the wreckage of the Airbus A330 that fell into the Atlantic Ocean near Brazil in 2009. The remains of 104 passengers found at the site have also been taken to France so that they can be identified through dental and DNA testing before being returned to families for burial. This is despite the wishes of some of the families for the bodies to stay in the ocean.
A total of 228 people were killed in the accident. Information on flight data recorders recovered in May 2011 revealed that as the aircraft began to stall, the pilots saw contradictory speeds on their instruments. It then fell at 3,000 meters a minute. A full report on the crash is due in July.
[pictured: Airbus A330]