Gloria Guevara Manzo.

WTTC urges speed on biometric security

Gloria Guevara Manzo pushes for public-private collaboration.

The World Travel & Tourism Council is urging governments to work with travel, tourism and tech businesses to accelerate the use of biometric security.

Last October, the UN Security Council ordered all governments to apply biometric security to counter terrorism activity.

Now, Gloria Guevara Manzo, president and chief executive of the WTTC, has called on governments to work with the travel and tourism sector to find an agreeable approach that can be used across all travel systems.

“This will take a huge effort of collaboration with considerable challenges to be overcome, particularly around the security and sharing of data, and privacy issues,” Guevara said, speaking at the ninth Exceltur Tourism Leadership Forum in Madrid.

Looking ahead, the WTTC has arranged for these issues to be addressed at the upcoming WTTC Global Summit in Buenos Aires this April.

Greatest opportunity
Guevara calls public and private sector collaboration to speed up the implementation of biometrics to facilitate secure borders as the single biggest opportunity for the travel sector in 2018.

She highlighted at the forum the importance of developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning, virtual and augmented reality and changing demographics, particularly the ‘coming of age’ of millennials and the growth of Generation Z for travel and tourism.

“Biometric technology has been evolving over many years and we have seen gradual implementation across the sector for some time. However, in order for the step change which needs to happen to improve security and create jobs through increased tourism flows, there is an urgent need to speed up implementation.”

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