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Bodrum Imperial Hotel, Turkey / TUI

Your nationality dictates your holiday, says TUI

Summer destinations vary according to which country in Europe you’re from, the tour operator claims.

While Europeans are in agreement that south is the direction of choice in summer, the actual destination depends on your home country.

Tour operator TUI Group says that overall Spain is the number one destination in summer 2018, followed by Greece.

Italy and Cyprus also stay close to the top, but one country has returned to the top five this year. After having seen decreasing demand from many western and northern European markets, Turkey is back in fashion and is the third most popular destination among TUI’s clients on average.

The preferred destinations for Europeans are all in the Mediterranean, the operator says, and among specific destinations Crete is top, followed by Majorca, Antalya, Rhodes and Larnaca.

National preferences
But there are national and regional preferences. Greece is the number one holiday destination among Swedes, Danes, Norwegians and Finns, as well as for the Poles, Austrian and French, says TUI.

German holidaymakers continue to spend their summer holidays with a preference for Spain and Greece. But they also like to travel within their own national borders, TUI says, making them the only nationality whose own country is in the top five.

Among holiday regions, Germans are heading to Majorca, Antalya, Crete, Rhodes and Kos – three of which are in Greece.

The British, Belgians and Dutch, on the other hand, tend to prefer Spain. With Majorca, Tenerife and Ibiza, three Spanish islands form “the triumvirate of British and Irish dream destinations”, TUI says.

But Dutch, British and Irish travellers are also travelling to more distant destinations in the summer. They are the only ones to rank long-distance destinations among their TUI top five. For example, more Dutch people are vacationing on the Caribbean island of Curacao in 2018, while the British and Irish are heading for Mexico’s Cancun.

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