Yucatan hotels see boom in high-end leisure arrivals

Luxury hotels mushroom in Merida, to rival nearby Cancun
The hotel scene in Merida, the colonial-era capital of Mexico’s Yucatan state, has transformed over the last 10 years and is now seeing a boom in high-end leisure arrivals keen to experience its cultural, natural and culinary attractions as well as those in nearby Cancun.
The state “is in its best moment,” claims Santiago B Gonzalez Abreu, Yucatan’s director of tourism promotion. “More hotels and tourist services are being offered and connectivity has increased in the past two years, allowing us to achieve a 9% increase in the arrivals of international visitors. We have also increased the length of stay of our visitors from 2.8 to 3.4 nights.”
Twelve high-end hotels and haciendas across Yucatan have formed the Premium Yucatan group joined with a golf club, restaurant, two museums and two tour operators in Merida. Members pool marketing resources and have common standards of promotion and customer service.
Premium Yucatan wants to move into the niche of being the ground operator for arrivals to the state, offering packages for people looking for new experiences. Overnight stays at member properties are paired with activities like gourmet authentic meals, guided visits to museums and archaeological, historical or nature-focused excursions.
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[pictured: San Ildefonso suite at Casa Azul, a Premium Yucatan property]

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