Zika less of an issue – for US travellers

Reversal of attitudes to Zika as virus spreads
Cruise lines say the impact of the Zika virus has so far been minimal, while agents say otherwise. But for US travellers at least, there is a reason people are less concerned.
Among agents, Laurie Hristov, owner of Just Cruises and Tours, Florida, says Zika has triggered much concern even among those far from pregnancy age.
“So many people, even the elderly, are afraid to travel to the Caribbean,” she said. “I have people that are expressing concern who are 60-plus. They’re not getting pregnant, but they say, ‘I’m scared’.”
Apart from women who are pregnant or considering having a baby, Zika is not a very threatening disease, producing little more than muscle pain and headache.
For US travellers, there is some kind of a silver lining to the dispersal of the virus, which is already in parts of the US.
“There’s kind of a reversal there as it spreads into the US,” Cruise.com CEO Anthony Hamawy said. “It seems like the Caribbean is less of an issue. Zika’s right here, so what’s the difference between going to the Caribbean and staying home? Zika exists in both places. So it almost becomes less of an issue because of the spread of it.”
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